Album: Internet Killed the Audio Star (2010)

Song: Empathic Communicator, Part II: Beebee

Bitrate: 320kbps

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'name', which stands for 'the New Approach to Martyrs Expression'. Without boundaries or regard, these musicians play what they feel. This band truly holds a very unique musical gem. Held as one of the heaviest bands to come out of the Bay Metal/Metalcore scene, while unveiling one of the most ambient and emotionally tending sounds created. They hold a technical & emotional landscape with intense drum logic, deranged bass lines, battering guitars, and a bipolar vocal prowess along with lyrics that touch base on more of an intelligent and ardent view. With a menacing & chaotic stage presence, name has been noted to have one of the most intense live shows. name is something you'd have to experience yourself. Listen for yourself and see what a group of artists are capable of feeling.